Cholesterol test

  • Cholesterol test

Description of Cholesterol test:

This cholesterol home test is intended for home use by people who have not previously had a cholesterol test to give an indication whether the cholesterol level is high enough to consult a physician for further advice or monitor cholesterol levels at home.


  • The Cholesterol Test includes the following components:
  • 1 aluminum pouch with a test plate;
  • 1 Sterile lancet;
  • 1 Plaster;
  • Table 1 Results.

Cholesterol levels in the blood may be too high by eating a lot of saturated fat, eating lots of cholesterol-rich foods (egg yolks, milk, full fat cheese and butter, organ meats, shrimp and eel), excess body weight, hereditary (familial hypercholesterolemia ), an underactive thyroid, diabetes and the use of certain medications.

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